Artist route Racken

A cycle route around the beautiful lake Racken, which lends its name to the Racken painters. Several of the renowned artists lived by the lake and some of their work can be found at the Rackstad Museum in Arvika. Start or finish your trip with a visit to the museum. You may recognise some of motifs as you make your way round the lake. En route you will pass the art gallery Blå Lagårn ("The blue farmhouse") in Perserud. Note that the gallery is only open during the summer months. The route is on paved road with little traffic, and can be extended by cycling past Sälboda or Gunnarskog – or both.

Suggested sights and places of interest

Rackstad Museum and Café, Kungsvägen 11. Open April – May Tuesday to Sunday 11-17; June – August daily 11-17 (closed 25th of June); September Tuesday to Sunday 11-17; October to March Tuesday to Sunday 11-16.

Rackstad Heritage Centre, Rackstad. Open from the 2nd to the 17th of July 13-18.

Blå Lagårn, Perserud, art gallery and café. Open 25th of June to 13th of August 13-18.

Gunnarskogs Heritage Centre. Open 2nd of July to 14th of August Monday – Saturday-19, Sunday 12-19.

Length:20 km